Charity Stalls at Huntly Farmers' Market

Every month we provide two free slots at Huntly Farmers' Market, one fundraising stall for a charity or local group and one information stall for awareness-raising about a community group, organisation or event. We only have one fundraising slot per month so that each group can make the most of their day at the market, rather than having to compete against another good cause.

Charities and groups provide their own gazebo & table, and we ask that they don't sell produce which would compete directly with any of the paying stalls. Raffles, prize draws etc are usually very sucessful. If you would like more details or want to book a slot for your charity or organisation, please contact Anna at

Fundraising and Information stall bookings are as follows:

January 2017- no market

February 4th 2017
Fundraising Stall: 
Information Stall: Huntly & District Development Trust

March 4th 2017
Fundraising Stall: Huntly Ethical Trading Initiative 
Information Stall:  

April 1st 2017
Fundraising Stall: 
Information Stall: 

May 6th 2017
Fundraising Stall: Books Abroad
Information Stall: 

June 3rd 2017
Fundraising Stall: Huntly Hairst
Information Stall: Forever Living

July 1st 2017
Fundraising : Royal Airforce Association
Information Stall: Huntly Co-Wheels Car Club

August 5th 2017
Fundraising Stall: Huntly Food & Farming Festival
Information Stall: Himalayan Initiatives

September 2nd 2017
Fundraising Stall: Action Medical Research 
Information Stall:  

October 7th 2017
Fundraising Stall: Huntly Swift Survey
Information Stall: Integrated travel town - Aberdeenshire Council

November 4th 2017
Fundraising Stall: Poppy Scotland
Information Stall: 

December 2nd 2017
Fundraising Stall: Books Abroad
Information Stall: 

Christmas Market December - Sunday 17th December
Fundraising Stall : huntly Food Bank (tbc)
Information Stall: 

2018 Markets:
April:  Huntly Swift Survey (Fundraising)          
May:  Books Abroad (Fundraising)         
June:  Cystic Fibrosis Fund (Fundraising)       
August : Huntly Hairst (Fundraising)
November: Poppy Scotland (Fundraising)