Aims and Philosophy

Huntly Farmers Market was set up in 2006 to enable local businesses to have a low cost way of selling their products in their home market. We believe that our area has a wealth of excellent food and crafts producers and that it makes sense to buy local, both to reduce food miles and to keep the area’s economy buoyant.

We are a not for profit organization with all our income from letting pitches going towards necessary overhead expenses or on marketing and promoting the market for the benefit of stallholders and local consumers. There is a Market Association which all regular stallholders are part of and a Management Committee which Association members can join.

The market is run on DIY lines with stallholders being responsible for providing and setting up their own stalls and being responsible for their own insurance and environmental health measures.In this way we are able to keep our Pitch charges very low to encourage small businesses to come to the market.

As part of the wider community of Huntly and the surrounding area we also offer two free stalls per market to local charities and organizations: one fundraising stall and one information stall. We  also make a major financial and organizational contribution to the annual Huntly Hairst Food and Farming Festival.

Joining us

We aim to offer opportunities to as wide a range of producers as possible, although to preserve the balance and integrity of the market we operate an application process for intending new entrants.

The main criteria is that the products being sold are produced or processed either by the stallholders themselves or by other local producers. In general it is not in the spirit of Farmer’s Markets for stallholders to sell products they have brought in from elsewhere.

Another important consideration is the type of products it is intended to sell. It does not help individual stallholders or the market as a whole if there are too many stalls selling the same products and so we try to strike balance to achieve a market where there is a good variety of stalls.

If you are interested in joining the market please email to receive the application form and market rules.